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Visual studio help is updating

A new project can be created by entering the project category in the search box as shown in the following image: Once the project category (e.g.

These group are as follows: If you don’t want to go the Workloads route, no worries!

The following command can be used to force an installer to run in the selected language: The following language token are supported by the installer: en-Us, zh-cn, zh-tw, cs-cz, fr-fr, de-de, it-it, ja-jp, ko-kr, pl-pl, pt-br, ru-, u, tr-tr, Once VS 2017 installs and is launched, the start page is displayed as shown in the following image: The start page shows options like Recent and Open, which are similar to the previous version of Visual Studio e.g.

VS 2015, but a new feature worth observing is to create a New project using the Search project templates search box or the Create new project link.

Just by clicking on the reference, the file can be opened in the VS Editor.

The type reference details (in this case Employee) can be seen just by moving the mouse cursor on a specific line or reference it as shown in the following image: For e.g.

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Visual Studio 2017 can be downloaded from this link.

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