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But as far as I remember NAM was not working well to 100% as long as Euro textures for extensions like SAM or NWM are not available any more in later versions.And as far as I remember the additional Euro texture mod which I use in my older version of NAM didnt work with newer version of NAM - thats why I deactivated it again although Id really like to use extended functionalities!

I just installed SC4 Deluxe Steam version on a Win10 64-bit PC and this mod installed, and performs, perfectly.

Maybe that's causing a bit of trouble for some people. I would like to test if elevated rail in avenue zones differently, however I have seen no Elevated rail in avenue station.

Thank you all for your continued support of this fantastic mod! Can you please lead me to an Elevated rail in avenue station. Thank you Good mod, but it's not compatible with the "light replacement mod".

But as long as I'm using European road textures I'm always waiting for some NAM version containing standard European textures in addition to American road textures.

Has NAM team ever thought about providing textures for European users (or those who want to use European textures)?

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Except for the crappy un-patchable version sold by Origin that puts EA to shame that is.tikired123456: If you're looking for assistance installing the NAM, you'll need to be more specific.