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If you are the victim of a pickpocket then be sure and report it to the authorities.Cozumel real estate professionals are reporting that sales of residential and commercial properties on the island are up thirty percent over the last 10 months.We can only apologize for the extra long hiatus from our postings.A major move, family issues and a total and almost irreparable computer crash all played a part.It is expected that hundreds of movers and shakers connected to the business of cruising will be visiting the island.

Of note, Cozumel has never had a casino that has remained open for more than a few days.The new problem though is now with the signs that are posted along the highway that warn motorists that the road is to be used exclusively by bicyclists.So far 22 of the signs have been destroyed or vandalized.A local Cozumel newspaper article reports that the going rate to bribe a police officer on Cozumel is purportedly between 400 and 700 pesos.The bribe would supposedly get you a free pass for that offense, which includes drunk driving, bad or missing vehicle registration, and moving violations, just to name a few.

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The Deputy Director notes that if they can ever catch the culprit or culprits in the act then they will have to repair all the damage.