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Archived from groups: alt.games.half-life.counterstrike (More info? )Hey I am having a real big problem trying to connect to any server on steamnetwork.

weather it be half life or DOD i can play the games in singleplayer mode easily but when i try to connect to a multiplayer game it justfreezes on the load up when it gets to Validating Game Resources.

Hi, after the update CS, which used to run very well on my PC, now uses 100% of cpu all the time even when I'm in the main game menu.

Re: Document Load error in OAF:"jrad.flowlayout" is not a valid component."Flow 768531 Apr 23, 2010 AM (in response to Reetesh Sharma) Hi Reetesh, I have selected OA Workspace(Right click on Applications-New OA Workspace) while creating workspace. Please check one more thing, is this page is using any shared region which is not downloaded on your machine.CS 1.6 Original - It's original Counter Strike 1.6 first-person shooter game with all default installation files, Half-Life files, default background and style and it's also clean rip from game steam GCFs. Main game point is a battle between player's from two team's - Counter Terrorist's and Terrorist's, it's team based FPS game, without your team you will be zero, enemies team member's will easily kill you if you will be alone.You can download CS 1.6 original directly or through torrent file from u Torrent, Bit Torrent or any other torrent's client application, you just need to download file with an .torrent extension and run it using your torrent's application. net_graph 1 says it's ~4 with fullscreen 1280x1024 and ~6 with windowed 640x480. However, when I try to join a server sometimes I get a weird error "You have been disconected from the server. Connection was in idle state for 8 second" which might be connected to the performance problem.I tested it with different resolutions and fullscreen/windowed mode and got this: 640x480 fullscreen: 35 fps windowed: 100 fps 800x600 fullscreen: error at "validating game resources..." windowed 70-1x768 fullscreen: error at "establishing network connection to server" windowed: 60-1x1024 fullscreen: error at "establishing network connection to server" windowed: error at "establishing network connection to server" So yeah, even when I'm able to connect I still get extremely low fps at extremely low resolutions (like 35 at 640x480), not to mention that now it's dropping in fights to the point when it becomes noticeable whether prior to the patch I've had the game running smoothly at 1280x1024 fullscreen with 100 fps and no visible framerate lowerings.

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To prevent servers from changing it again you should make this file read-only.

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