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For example, for exposure, clicking on the slider won't be responsive until it's .90 or so in either direction (-/ ).

But if I grab the slider, I can adjust it accordingly.

hair / face / body / upper clothes / trousers for a human, front / sides / top / glass / tire / interior for a car). each face could be potentially different), consider a different solution, such as using attributes / textures to drive different per-face look.

Hello I am new to and I’ve been trying to do this chunk of code it reads automatically the lines ignore certain value now when on each line i read the points and update the z position of the vertice but even after vertice needs update it won’t can somebody help?

Perspective Camera(40, width / height, 20, 1000); camera.position.z = 100; camera.position.x = 200; camera.position.y = 200; var renderer = new THREE.

If I completely remove the line updating the text, this also stops the animation from resetting at the end.

I would like to fix this so that when the method runs, the label text can be updated without resetting the animation.

You need to keep setting them to true if you want to keep updating buffers.

Note that this applies only to [page: Geometry] and not to [page: Buffer Geometry]. Geometry(); geometry.vertices Need Update = true; geometry.elements Need Update = true; geometry.morph Targets Need Update = true; Need Update = true; geometry.normals Need Update = true; geometry.colors Need Update = true; geometry.tangents Need Update = true; All uniforms values can be changed freely (e.g.

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colors, textures, opacity, etc), values are sent to the shader every frame. The following properties can't be easily changed at runtime (once the material is rendered at least once): Bear in mind this might be quite slow and induce jerkiness in framerate (especially on Windows, as shader compilation is slower in Direct X than Open GL).

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